Updating dc4in => May be unstable.


Dragon City
*Added Gold
*Added Free Dragons
*Added Gold And Exp
Monster Legends
*Added Get 5 Gems / Week (Monday Reward)
*Added Win Adventure Map ~ Get Gems,Gold,Food,XP and Egg
*Added Get 1 Stamina
*Added Win pvp ~ 1 Attack Trophies+Loot
*Added Win Dungeon ~ Unlimited Stamina+Good/Food/Gems


Welcome To Dc4in

DC4IN Tools Welcome's you into the new World of Possibilities.

Tutorial Bacsic Link Youtube

Fbid and SessionId of Social:

You must have Fbid and SessionId for get everything game Social (Dragon City, Monster Legends, Social Wars,Social Empries).

Watch Video Tutorial for Dragon City and Monster Legends.
Watch Video Tutorial for Social Wars,Social Empries.

SessionKey of game King:

SessionKey for get everything game King (CandyCrush, FarmHeroesSaga, PapapearSaga...)

Watch Video Tutorial


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